Did Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Kill His Wife?

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s wife died on January 23, 1997. The reason for her death has been explained as mahasamadhi.

Mahasamadhi is defined as follows:

Mahāsamādhi (the great and final samādhi) is the act of consciously and intentionally leaving one’s body.[1][2] A realized yogi (male) or yogini (female) who has attained the state of nirvikalpa samādhi, will, at an appropriate time, consciously exit from their body. This is known as mahāsamādhi. This is not the same as the physical death that occurs for an unenlightened person.

But did Viji really attain mahasamadhi?

Let us first look at her pics. See how she looked during those days and how young she was:

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People who say that she went to mahasamadhi are just repeating what Jaggi Vasudev said or what others are saying. I have never come across anyone offline or online who was actually present when it happened.

It is said that there were hundreds of people who witnessed it, but who knows? Does just saying that over and over again make it true? Even if they were present at the event, what exactly did they witness? Did they actually witness Viji sitting in front of them fully alive, being in meditation and dropping dead finally? Did all this happenbefore their eyes without missing any details or did they hear such a news when Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev just came out of the room and told them that Viji had left her body?

This incident happened many years ago and it is easy to convince people that she went to Mahasamadhi by repeating the story over and over again. If someone wants to believe in something, they just have to hear it over and over again. Because, if everyone in Isha maintains the same thing, you would never question it even though you were not present in that place.

Very important point: In our country, nobody cremates someone who attains Mahasamadhi. It is a custom to bury people who attained Mahasamadhi.

Now, consider the following points:

  1. Viji, Sadhguru’s wife, was cremated; not buried. Why?
  2. She was cremated immediately and Jaggi Vasudev didn’t wait for his father in law to reach there in spite of the requests. The request made by Viji’s own father to wait was ignored. Why?
  3. His father in law made a police complaint later that he was suspicious about Viji’s death and that Viji might have been murdered. It is true that anyone can make a police complaint and that doesn’t mean that the allegation is true. But the person who made the complaint was not just anyone, but Viji’s own father. Why? Think about it…
  4. Viji was very young and her daughter was too young to lose her mother. Jaggi said Viji had planned her mahasamadhi few months before her death. No mother will do such a thing to her child and leave her child orphan. Why would anyone be in such a hurry to leave their body?
  5. She didn’t even wait to see the completion of the consecration of Dhyanalinga. As per Jaggi’s own words, he has been working towards the consecration for three life times. He even decided where and in which womb Viji and others close to him should be born. His sole reason for being born this time was to consecrate Dhyanalinga. Even then, she irresponsibly left her body before the consecration was complete though she knew that she was also playing an important part in the consecration by forming an energy triangle with Jaggi and the other woman Bharti. And Jaggi, who had a lot of control over in which womb Bharti and Viji should be born, had zero control over her mahasamadhi. Why?
  6. According to Jaggi, Viji was not an accomplished yogi. So it is a mystery how she learnt the art of leaving the body at will. Because, leaving the body at will is something that cannot be done so easily even by the advanced yogis. How did Viji, a normal householder and not an accomplished yogi was able to leave her body at will?
  7. According to Jaggi, he has the power to peg people down if they are about to leave their body because of enlightenment. Still, Jaggi was not able to hold Viji down and stop her from leaving the body. Doesn’t it sound strange?  Here is an excerpt from the book “‘Enlightenment – An inside story” and here is what Jaggi Vasudev said in that book:

    Have you noticed in India, most of the Enlightened beings died very young? Any number of them, by the time they are thirty-two, they are over. Have you noticed this? Because, retaining the body needs lots of tricks. Realization is one aspect, but what the science of this body is, is another aspect. If you do not know the science of the body, if you do not have a grasp and control over the science of how this life and body are functioning in tandem, you cannot retain the body.

    So you will have to play some tricks to retain the body. Various kinds of tricks are played by various Masters, but generally, only those who are on the path of Kriya generally manage their body; others cannot hold on to their body.

    This is the reason why generally, when people attain to a certain peak, we will not let them reach the ultimate peak; we peg them down there. I have lots of people around me like this — they are just one step behind. They are in a certain exalted state, they have grown close to it, one more step means they will leave, but we will always hold them down there, so that their physical bodies run their full course. They have much more sense than other people, they are good manure for the world so we want them to be useful in the world. We want to enslave them and use them for everybody’s wellbeing, otherwise all the beautiful people will leave. (Laughter).

    So we don’t let them go, climb the final step, until their bodies wear themselves out through the natural process of living. When they go beyond a certain age, then we take off the peg — then it is up to them. Until then we fix them down, because if full Enlightenment happens they will not know how to sustain the body unless they put in an enormous amount of study. You don’t like that? Personally, even I don’t like it, but I have some social responsibilities. (Laughs).

    So, Why wasn’t Jaggi Vasudev able to stop Viji from leaving her body when he is able to stop everyone else in the ashram from doing so? He goes on to the say that since Viji was no more, he had to play the role of Viji as well and that not only delayed the consecration for another two years but it also caused severe damage to Jaggi’s body. According to him, he was almost dead in the process. Why didn’t he avoid all this trouble by ‘pegging down’ Viji?

  8. Viji was not happy with Jaggi’s association with Bharti. It is mentioned in the book ‘Sadhguru: More than a Life by Arundhathi Subramaniam’ that the couple actually had quarrels regarding that.
  9. Of course, police dismissed the case due to the lack of evidence. But you need to understand that if you give money to police in India, they will do anything. Our police department is not 100% free of corruption yet. A case can be dismissed if the sufficient bribe is paid.
  10. Her own daughter Radhe doesn’t seem to like him much. Check her facebook profile (Radhe Jaggi) and check all her posts. Only recently, she posted some pics with the ‘Rally for rivers’ logo. But other than that, she mostly doesn’t talk about him in her posts and she doesn’t even have one picture of Jaggi in her album. No daughter will do something like this especially when her father is very famous, unless the daughter has some hatred towards her father. Of course, there may be instances when she gave performance in Isha yoga centre. And I have seen Jaggi sharing posts regarding Radhe’s dance performance. But Radhe herself mostly doesn’t seem to care about her father or talk about him much. Radhe may know the truth about her mom’s death.

Now, considering all the above facts, it is difficult to answer these questions if we accept that she died because of Mahasamadhi.

But everything seem to  fit very well when we even assume for a minute that Jaggi killed his wife because of his relationship with Bharti , bribed the police to dismiss the case and created a fake story of mahasamadhi.

I leave the conclusion to you people who read this answer. If anyone really thinks they can solve the puzzles in the above 10 points properly with valid reasons, let them comment here and explain.

Finally, here is the news from the newspaper:



39 thoughts on “Did Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Kill His Wife?

  1. Why doesn’t the author of this article question Sadhguru, thread bare, in public about the whole incident ?
    At least, he won’t be able to evade the question, and in the unlikely event of he evading the question, people will be free to draw their own conclusions.
    At least, I would love to learn that this story of murder is only a story …. and not a fact.

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  2. Mahasamadhi by an ordinary woman bank employee having a little 6 year old girl. It’s all a crap. It’s written in isha website, he married her after spiritual awakening. Before marriage, they exchanged heart felt love letters. It’s not a conduct of a Spiritually awakened person. In a country, steeped with deep mythological and vedic roots, it’s v easy to fool people. Jaggi is a very intelligent man. So are Einstein, hawking etc. Intellectual people hv lil insight into d universe. All great scientists had. Jaggi is intelligent n murderer

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    1. May be she entered a state similar to coma and he decided to give the last push..
      May be to accomplish her desire
      May be because bring her back should have been too complicated and have her more suffering…
      He burnt her at full speed…
      He has to respond fundamentally to himself
      Given the circumstances


  3. Sadhguru talks about the special astrological alignment (“That day was a very special day in terms of the way energies were moving for this planet.There was an exceedingly rare and archetypically appropriate planetary alignment, a moment in time expressed in the heavens as a perfect six-pointed star. This pattern comes on the exact day where three outer planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are conjoined together for the first time in almost two hundred years. On January 23rd, this cluster of planets centred on the first degree of Aquarius, joined by the Sun with the Full Moon opposite them all. This pattern may also be seen as a symbolic representation of the long-heralded ‘dawning of the Age of Aquarius.’”) but he makes several strange statements. Although these 3 outer planets were conjunct around that time, only Jupiter and Uranus were in Aquarius and Neptune was in Capricorn. They can’t possibly have formed a 6-pointed star with such a tight conjunction/opposition. These aspects are also not considered the beginning of the age of Aquarius – that is some new age nonsense. But more curious still is the fact that his references are to Tropical (Western) astrology, not Sidereal (Indian) astrology, so it makes me wonder why, and who is giving him this information? I know that he is surrounded by Westerners, especially women, who take care of his hair and makeup among other things, so he clearly has a strong influence from non-Indians. This I guess explains the mixture of ancient wisdom and new age nonsense that we hear in his talks.

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    1. Uranus and Nepune are recently discovered planets and played no part in ancient Vedic astrology – so where did he get the interpretation of this particular aspect of Neptune and Uranus? Did he just make it up?


    1. People have bigger brains, no doubt. But their reasoning is so much limited to their own intellect. Sing song Som sir.. No wonder these are the days of stupid multi tv channels where ‘crime show’ is more glamourised than things that make life work. Poor people is all I can say!


  4. Well when ever he is asked about what happened to his wife in public you would only have two choices, either to believe what he saids or not believe him, it was something that you have to experience personally. since i wasn’t their i can’t acusse him of any wrong doing,his karma in the long wrong will show the results of his actions.


      1. I am looking for fitting answer to the questions asked by the writer. Can any one give instead of putting this kind of comments.


  5. Several glitches in the theory proposed by the writer:

    – He / she questions whether Viji akka’s samadhi was a public event or happened in a private room. In multiple narrations and even in the books, it is published as a public event with hundreds of people being there.

    – ‘It is customary to bury people who attained MahaSamadhi’ … this is a new theory. There is no such ‘custom’ but it has always been a choice.

    – ‘The cremation happened before her father reached’ … how does the author know? It was probably not even on the charge sheet filed!

    – ‘Viji akka’s father made the complaint’ … so what!? Anyone can be brainwashed to become suspicious especially if they have lost someone they loved! That does not make it true.

    – ‘Viji akka would not leave her child’ … to attain MahaSamadhi, one has to be absolutely dispassionate. Of course, she must have loved everyone around her to the core and especially her child. But once someone is at that level of passion to get to MahaSamadhi, all these worldly relationships do not hold them back. And yet, she had planned it and told her daughter as well knowing fully well she does not understand the implications fully. She was obviously preparing her daughter!

    – ‘Sadhguru could have controlled her MahaSamadhi’ … one cannot control the intensity of another person, no matter how proficient they may be, to a certain possibly their energies but not their intensity. Also, this MahaSamadhi happened in a meditative process where Sadhguru was not focused on controlling Viji akka. This was confirmed by Sadhguru himself in his book.

    – ‘Viji akka was not an accomplished yogi’ … Yes, Sadhguru did make that statement but he also followed it up that she just took simple practices to such levels of intensity that what even accomplished yogis could not accomplish, she could. So, obviously that puts her on a high pedastal.

    – ‘He has the power to peg down people’ .. he may have! But this MahaSamadhi happened in a meditative process where Sadhguru was not focused on controlling Viji akka. This was confirmed in several narratives.

    – ‘Police dismissed the case because of bribery’ … well, one is not clear whether the case was registered because of bribery in first place. Lack of evidence for mischief in someone’s death through MahaSamadhi, especially after 7 months, is not surprising. What is surprising is that the police did register the case in first place after 7 months!! This is what is more shocking for a publicly happened incident.

    – ‘Radhe does not like Sadhguru’ … this is almost laughable. She has innumerable pictures and posts published with Sadhguru. Obviously, she does not want to publicise who she is too much. It does not mean she does not like me. For that matter, I too do not publish many pictures with my daughter on FaceBook. That does not mean, I do not like her! 🙂

    The conspiracy theory suggested is good and worthy of a novel, but there are too many loop holes to make it true.

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    1. Your write up has too many loop holes my friend. There is something called ‘COMMON SENSE’
      and ‘LOGIC’. Please use them.


    2. The Author would be an Orthodox Christian!!
      He cannot digest the fact how come Sadhguru is transforming people’s lives without any religion business unlike them. Sadhguru wants Humanity to be benefited not religion, which eventually makes him a threat to the author. I pity on the author’s knowledge which is getting wasted.


  6. We should not intrude into anyones private life.
    If we like the philosophy listen to it.else forget.

    In that way world is a huge place.
    Let worry more about ourselves.

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    1. Because of people like you such godmen exist in our country.Mahasamadhi my ass!Everything is alright in the name of religion.Btw,true spirituality will never be based upon a single religion.It is way beyond any religion!

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    2. You can find criticism against both christianity and Islam if you search . Sanal idamaruk and Jabbar are examples. It is foolish to support any religious nonsense.


  8. Can’t believe this mahasamadhi story he may changed her wife mind to that state of a suicide or else he murdered her to continue his illegal relationship if he have guts to open his mind he can tell the truth but he can’t that the reason his daughter his ignoring him if he is a true family man his daughter will be with him


  9. Jaggi is an very intelligent man and he believes he is enlightened. Who gave the death certificate to his wife and what was the reason? I am sure the doctor cannot have said mahasamadhi was the cause of death. Who cremated and did he look into death certificate? How did the police close the case?


  10. According to Jaggadeesh ”Realization is one aspect, but what the science of this body is, is another aspect. If you do not know the science of the body, if you do not have a grasp and control over the science of how this life and body are functioning in tandem, you cannot retain the body.” An enlightened being cannot have control over the body if he does not know the science of life. In other words science of the body is out of syllabus of enlightenment. Enlightenment becomes limited. A Buddha Mahavir Ramana Ramakrirshna had limited knowledge new nothing about science of life therefore could not retain their bodies after enlightenment. This pegging down theory is absurd.

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  11. I read the first few lines out of wonder that someone has the time to set up such a shitty website. I am not a follower nor a supporter of sadhguru or something. But you dear writer seriously have some unshitted shit up your *ss. And now you’re spreading stink everywhere.
    Get a life. Or is someone paying you to do all this? Even if someone is, Jesus you have a life that sucks man!

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  12. yes there has been lot of investigation and most of the investigation stops without any reason and without any conclusion. fools are the one who respect such culprit and knowingly not seeing the crime. wake up guys, wake up. have some shame of dignity. its a murder.


      1. Did you watch his video about removing TOE RING? MYSTICAL DEVICES? LOL! guys got some nerve! Even if he didin’t murder her (which all of his bullshit makes me suspect quite a bit), he’s a grade A Superstitious CHOOT!


  13. Jaggi is clearly a imposter sadhguru and spoiling the name of sadhguru.. He should be hanged to death for murdering his wife and leaving his daughter half orphan.. to continue his own illegal affair with Bharati..

    A mother cannot leave her daughter for a week, she keeps calling her time to time to check on her food and her well being. In that aspect how can Viji a mother of 7 yr old daughter think of taking such a big decision, I find this fabricated story by Jaggi (+ bharathi)
    Why is media not highlighting this? asking questions and probing the incident?
    What is Isha foundation, what does it do? I meant what they do internally (under ground business)?
    Is this drugs based organization (like Osho) or they might do brain wash and gather immense wealth..
    Why did they not grow in India, why are they targeting to grow outside India? It is very clear, In India there are lot of guru’s (impostors) and even if he tries to brainwash and gather their wealth still it would not make him rich, the effort and time involbed would be too much to gather small portion of their devotees wealth, (which Rajneesh did as part of Osho organization)
    He might be following the footsteps of Rajaneesh, to gather wealth and opening branches outside India in name of spirituality and deceiving people.
    His looks and his attire seems like he belongs to tribal bandit group..
    I am still surprised how people are fooled with his words.. most of them are not practical, illusion based….


  14. Even if we don’t believe he murdered, all the bullshit he spews about Toe rings make him sound like a suspicious cunt.


  15. Has he named the so called ‘witnesses’ whom he says were in the room with him when she died? If not, why not? If he has, have they all been interviewed?


  16. With due respect to everyone…
    Today we can see the reality of many, so called “Godman”…
    The word itself says that they may be close to ‘God’ but are ‘man’ …
    They can resolve all of you ‘queries’…, because they have gained spiritual knowledge to that extent…
    But remember they themselves are not out of the boundaries of their own explanation about ‘karma’…
    if Sadhguru did that sin… he will have to repay it…
    There is no ‘Swarg’ or ‘Narak’ out there… it’s here only, in this world…
    Everyone shall reap, what he or she sow…
    Whenever these so called ‘Godman’ compared themselves to God, their downfall started…
    So we need not to worry… God will take care of it … we should take care of ourselves and enjoy the life…


  17. Without getting into any of the direct questions raised in this blog, I got a counter question about the paper clip that was posted here – The case and subsequently the news might have come up around Oct ‘1997 while the death happened on the 23rd January 1997 – Why is there a 9 month delay in registering the case or the news in media alone came very late while the case was promptly registered in the month of January itself?


  18. Whenever lesson sadhguru guy always i know something about the guy he is smart but criminal for sure…he has dark side very dark side too..When he speak only he care about someone join the his program and he make money if you waked you dont care or dont think about money he is not waked guy he is very very smart con artist murderer


  19. Only one comment.with wich I will rip apart everyone who is supporting sada guru .if sada guru is innocent and true human tell sada guru to take polygraph test and narco analysis test to prove his innocence in case of her wife’s death case.after all he is also educated and supports science. If he do I will become his disciple. But I know he will never do this.open challenge to sada guru and his followers.let us see what lame excuses sada guru and his followers have on this challenge.now see people there will be so many lame excuses will come from sada guru and his followers who will eventually avoid this challenge. And even remove my comment because evil is alway a afraid of truth and energy of the creator.


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