Did Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Kill His Wife?

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s wife died on January 23, 1997. The reason for her death has been explained as mahasamadhi.

Mahasamadhi is defined as follows:

Mahāsamādhi (the great and final samādhi) is the act of consciously and intentionally leaving one’s body.[1][2] A realized yogi (male) or yogini (female) who has attained the state of nirvikalpa samādhi, will, at an appropriate time, consciously exit from their body. This is known as mahāsamādhi. This is not the same as the physical death that occurs for an unenlightened person.

But did Viji really attain mahasamadhi?

Let us first look at her pics. See how she looked during those days and how young she was:

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People who say that she went to mahasamadhi are just repeating what Jaggi Vasudev said or what others are saying. I have never come across anyone offline or online who was actually present when it happened.

It is said that there were hundreds of people who witnessed it, but who knows? Does just saying that over and over again make it true? Even if they were present at the event, what exactly did they witness? Did they actually witness Viji sitting in front of them fully alive, being in meditation and dropping dead finally? Did all this happenbefore their eyes without missing any details or did they hear such a news when Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev just came out of the room and told them that Viji had left her body?

This incident happened many years ago and it is easy to convince people that she went to Mahasamadhi by repeating the story over and over again. If someone wants to believe in something, they just have to hear it over and over again. Because, if everyone in Isha maintains the same thing, you would never question it even though you were not present in that place.

Very important point: In our country, nobody cremates someone who attains Mahasamadhi. It is a custom to bury people who attained Mahasamadhi.

Now, consider the following points:

  1. Viji, Sadhguru’s wife, was cremated; not buried. Why?
  2. She was cremated immediately and Jaggi Vasudev didn’t wait for his father in law to reach there in spite of the requests. The request made by Viji’s own father to wait was ignored. Why?
  3. His father in law made a police complaint later that he was suspicious about Viji’s death and that Viji might have been murdered. It is true that anyone can make a police complaint and that doesn’t mean that the allegation is true. But the person who made the complaint was not just anyone, but Viji’s own father. Why? Think about it…
  4. Viji was very young and her daughter was too young to lose her mother. Jaggi said Viji had planned her mahasamadhi few months before her death. No mother will do such a thing to her child and leave her child orphan. Why would anyone be in such a hurry to leave their body?
  5. She didn’t even wait to see the completion of the consecration of Dhyanalinga. As per Jaggi’s own words, he has been working towards the consecration for three life times. He even decided where and in which womb Viji and others close to him should be born. His sole reason for being born this time was to consecrate Dhyanalinga. Even then, she irresponsibly left her body before the consecration was complete though she knew that she was also playing an important part in the consecration by forming an energy triangle with Jaggi and the other woman Bharti. And Jaggi, who had a lot of control over in which womb Bharti and Viji should be born, had zero control over her mahasamadhi. Why?
  6. According to Jaggi, Viji was not an accomplished yogi. So it is a mystery how she learnt the art of leaving the body at will. Because, leaving the body at will is something that cannot be done so easily even by the advanced yogis. How did Viji, a normal householder and not an accomplished yogi was able to leave her body at will?
  7. According to Jaggi, he has the power to peg people down if they are about to leave their body because of enlightenment. Still, Jaggi was not able to hold Viji down and stop her from leaving the body. Doesn’t it sound strange?  Here is an excerpt from the book “‘Enlightenment – An inside story” and here is what Jaggi Vasudev said in that book:

    Have you noticed in India, most of the Enlightened beings died very young? Any number of them, by the time they are thirty-two, they are over. Have you noticed this? Because, retaining the body needs lots of tricks. Realization is one aspect, but what the science of this body is, is another aspect. If you do not know the science of the body, if you do not have a grasp and control over the science of how this life and body are functioning in tandem, you cannot retain the body.

    So you will have to play some tricks to retain the body. Various kinds of tricks are played by various Masters, but generally, only those who are on the path of Kriya generally manage their body; others cannot hold on to their body.

    This is the reason why generally, when people attain to a certain peak, we will not let them reach the ultimate peak; we peg them down there. I have lots of people around me like this — they are just one step behind. They are in a certain exalted state, they have grown close to it, one more step means they will leave, but we will always hold them down there, so that their physical bodies run their full course. They have much more sense than other people, they are good manure for the world so we want them to be useful in the world. We want to enslave them and use them for everybody’s wellbeing, otherwise all the beautiful people will leave. (Laughter).

    So we don’t let them go, climb the final step, until their bodies wear themselves out through the natural process of living. When they go beyond a certain age, then we take off the peg — then it is up to them. Until then we fix them down, because if full Enlightenment happens they will not know how to sustain the body unless they put in an enormous amount of study. You don’t like that? Personally, even I don’t like it, but I have some social responsibilities. (Laughs).

    So, Why wasn’t Jaggi Vasudev able to stop Viji from leaving her body when he is able to stop everyone else in the ashram from doing so? He goes on to the say that since Viji was no more, he had to play the role of Viji as well and that not only delayed the consecration for another two years but it also caused severe damage to Jaggi’s body. According to him, he was almost dead in the process. Why didn’t he avoid all this trouble by ‘pegging down’ Viji?

  8. Viji was not happy with Jaggi’s association with Bharti. It is mentioned in the book ‘Sadhguru: More than a Life by Arundhathi Subramaniam’ that the couple actually had quarrels regarding that.
  9. Of course, police dismissed the case due to the lack of evidence. But you need to understand that if you give money to police in India, they will do anything. Our police department is not 100% free of corruption yet. A case can be dismissed if the sufficient bribe is paid.

Now, considering all the above facts, it is difficult to answer these questions if we accept that she died because of Mahasamadhi.

But everything seem to  fit very well when we even assume for a minute that Jaggi killed his wife because of his relationship with Bharti , bribed the police to dismiss the case and created a fake story of mahasamadhi.

I leave the conclusion to you people who read this answer. If anyone really thinks they can solve the puzzles in the above 9 points properly with valid reasons, let them comment here and explain.

Finally, here is the news from the newspaper:


Update (31st Dec 2019):

With the help of environmental activist Piyush Manush of Salem, I got the actual FIR copies of the case:





As the complaint says, her father requested to not to shift the dead body for cremation. He also mentions that cremation was not a practice in his community. So, this is a very valid question. I am not saying Jaggi killed her but he certainly needs to answer the valid questions which are raised here.

By the way, My name is Shanmugam and I already have another website http://nellaishanmugam.wordpress.com. I have already written a lot about Jaggi raising various questions about his spiritual teachings and some claims he has made but due to constant bullying and trolling of Jaggi’s followers in totally inhuman ways, I chose to write this page anonymously.  But now I have revealed my name here so that I can also invite you to read my other articles on Jaggi, which challenges his authenticity as a spiritual teacher.

I used to consider Jaggi as my guru and the only person I could trust. That lasted for nearly 15 years. But from 2017, I began raise some questions in my blog posts when I saw a lot of problems. I can’t explain everything here but you can follow this link to know more: Shanmugam P’s answer to Can anyone tell about their experiences with Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru?

I was addressing him as ‘sadhguru’ in my posts in spite of all this but since the followers of this guru constantly tried to bully me, call me names, humiliate me etc for the last three years and since Jaggi did absolutely nothing to explain the doubts raised by people like me, I chose to stop calling him as sadhguru. It looks like a majority of his followers lost the ability to think logically. I just want to say one thing to them: Jaggi himself says truth is the authority and authority is not the truth. If you have understood that statement then you wouldn’t be so blind and hell bent to support and believe everything he says without thinking.

Watch this video too:

Update 02/02/2021

While spirituality has become a huge business, spiritual experiences, personal transformation because of spiritual practices and spiritual enlightenment are real. In fact, a specific field of Psychology called Transpersonal Psychology studies spirituality in a scientific manner. The only solution to make authentic spirituality available to people is to bridge science and spirituality. I am taking my attempts towards it. I have an Youtube channel where I discuss with spiritual seekers about my own experiences in spirituality, deprogramming yourself from cults, Transpersonal psychology and more.

Visit this page to subscribe to my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/shanmugamp?sub_confirmation=1

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    1. Hola saludos desde México, no soy seguidora de Sadhguru pero conozco sus videos, llegué aquí xq siento que algo no está bien de su enseñanza espiritual, no me inspira confianza… Y encontré esto 😐


  1. I dont think Sadhguru could do this. Because his level of perception, wisdom and work is phenomenal and incomparable in today’s world. And you think one who is so established and spiritually potent to consecrate a masterpiece like no other, Dhyanalinga. Does it make any sense, why the hell will he kill his wife? Any sense you see in this? He married her going against all stupid caste systems, and belief systems. And that newspaper report is a stupid criticism. Because anyone can write anything and publish with enough money fed to the editors. And there is one single evidence to show his wife in a state of Mahasamadhi. She sat in a very intense meditative posture during her Mahasamadhi period. This website didn’t show that image. Why?? And where is this Bhairithi now? Anyone can publish any nonsense and blame it on anybody. Anyways why the hell will the most phenomenal being Sadhguru kill his wife?? Does it even sense? It’s utterlu nonsense and media friendly 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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    1. Why did he cremate Viji overnight before her father or anybody else had a chance to see the body?
      Brainwashed and blind followers are devoid of common sense. Instead of answering relevant questions, they choose to rant nonsensical rhetoric.

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      1. Perhaps it was her wish to be cremated? Just bc her father requested otherwise, one’s spouse typically bears the burden of carrying out such wishes regardless of relatives’ requests. Not popular, but probably true.

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      2. Everyone knows SAD MAN is a Murderer. He is the Scum of the Earth and even Death is too good for this Evil Tyrant. @metomovement get rid of him!!!! BOYCOTT THIS MURDERER

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      1. HER FATHER HER DAUGHTER AND POLICE have ALL been Paid by SAD MAN and in India money means everything to these low lives as they know NOTHING about real Life they are only interested in Material Wealth. I hope Vijjy haunts you from the Grave and all your money go in the drain and you all die very painfull full of disease lives as you are the Real Scum Evil in this World.

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    2. You dumb kapish agarwal , I thing you are sadhguru’s servant who is every time commenting on those videos that critisize sadhguru, I thing if you love him so much go make a suhag raat with him , you motherfucker idiot

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    3. What a Real Fool you are. Go and study Real Yogi Indian Spirituality which is FREE. Sad guru is a Fake and Con Man. But as YOU know NOTHING about Real Spirituality YOU believe this Bull he sells. He is Human NOT Shiva. He has NO Connection to God. If you know what OSHO done and how he got his enormous Wealth then you will know what lying jaggi is doing. He has moulded himself on Osho but Jaggy has NO looks!!! His story about Dhyanalinga is so funny and laughable apparently he had to come down in 3 lives to build it but his wife and lover Bhairithi build it also. He is a Joke and obviously a pedo cos he was chasing his wife since she was 14 years old. These are not lies they are the Truth but becasue YOU do NOT KNOW Real Truth you believe in this Fake business man. HE MURDERED HIS WIFE now go look into it properly and educated yourself into Truth Teachings. Let Love and Light be Yours.

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      1. Hey , I am not much aware of this. This is the first article I’m reading about Jaggi and Vijayakumari. Could you please enlighten me more on Osho or drop a link of some article.


      2. Why do you want to bring Osho in here?

        Jaggi’s wife died all of sudden. He burned the body before the law enforcement arrived.

        Finally when they came, jaggi told them that she achieved mahasamadhi.

        Case closed.

        Jaggi got padmavibhushan for his great contribution to humanity.


      3. You understand NOTHING!!! His wife no way got Mahasamadhi do you knowanyone else in life who done that?  Jaggy himself is NOT spiritual enough to even do this. Go study Osho who was the greatest intelligence he also was a dog when it cameto money and sex.  Sad Man has moulded he’s whole self on this man except theSex parties. Who knows he may have them in Private. Yes he burned the body before a father could even say good bye.  A mother wouldNEVER leave a small child. When you read his ridiculas story of coming back to the Earth to build some bullshitwith his Lover and Wife.  They did not come back three life times to build anything. Jaggy lives in America with Lover.  He pays everyone off even google to keep hiscriminal life going.   He IS A FIRST CLASS MURDER and the time is coming that he will be dealt with. No longer can you MURDER your Wife and get away with it! 2021 Wake up Fool!!! Regards B. Kumar

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    4. 7 Namaste Kapish,
      You are talking about interesting things but you should speak slow, you speak much too fast and this is a pity. Because the listener may loose part of your reasoning.
      I am not a follower of Sadhguru or of any other guru, my guru is inside of me and this is my path.
      Sadhguru is making his personal trip, some time my inner sadhguru agrees with him sometimes does not. I agree with you about Jhana yoga, I also think that it is very important.
      Personally I am not interested in criticying coze I am not responsable of his choices or actions.
      It is not my path to be part of a moviment I am more a child of mother jungle the only teacher who has been so generous to feed me with knowledge.
      Maybe one time we could connect with each other on whatsup and have e a deeper conversation.
      Om Nama Shivayam


      1. You don’t need to contact another Human. Just look inside your Real Guru lives inside. Stop looking on outside you will be lead astray for years and many lives. Sadhguru is lying as you do not know the Truth you take he’s advice to be Gospel. He has stolen teaching has moulded his business on OSHO! He is a SAD MAN and unfortuntaely DID murder his Wife and should be in Jail. But when you read this SAD GURU i know the Truth and you cheating people for your FAME and MONEY you know the Ying and Yang of Life so i know SELF will sooner or later destroy you or your Wife from the Grave WILL destroy this very Evil Cult Uneducated Man!!!!


      2. You seem like somebody that shares my wavelength. I would love to connect with you.

        Feel free to reach out to me on my email ID/in a reply below with digits I can ping you on.



    5. Why did he rush into cremating Viji overnight before her father or the authorities could see her body to determine the cause of death?
      No brainwashed follower, and even Jaggi himself, dares to answer this question. When asked, they all divert to talk mumbo jumbo.
      Karma will catch up. Om Shanti 🙏

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      1. There have been so much of name calling, public shaming of jaaki by the people over the jaaki’s alleged role in his wife’s death.

        Jaaki has never threatened anyone with legal actions over these allegations because he knows that he will get caught if does so. This proves jaaki’s involvement in his wife’s death.

        Jaaki has taken some legal actions against the allegations of encroaching forest land, but not in the case of his wife’s death.

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      2. MURDERING SCUM OF THE EARTH. Him his lover and daughter and her family all in this together!! They all live high life in USA and he claims he loves India!!! He could NOT get away with Murder in USA he PAID Indian Low Life Police and WE ALL KNOW IT!!!! Everyone BOYCOTT THIS MURDERING SCUM!!!

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    6. Interpreting some practical events in favor of your preachings is an art that, if you know, you can gather a lot of people around you, and this is what Sadhguru did. As a result of Sadhguru’s interpretation of his wife’s death incident, many will come to believe in this idea that it is indeed possible to leave the body at will (gaining control of when you want to die).

      If you want to gather people around such ideas that are far beyond observation, the best way to do that is to put the burden of proof on someone who has died and cannot come back to explain the reality.

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      1. Why does SAD MAN BASTARD Walk out of his Body. Then the World would be rid of his EVIL. Trust me he is Not telling you the Whole Truth he keeps the Real Truth from you to leave you in confusion this is the EVIL THE BASTARD seminars around the World. The teachings are FREE. How dare this Evil make out he is Enlightened he the most EVIL Tyrant i have seen for long time. BOYCOTT all his Trash teachings!!!

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    7. All this meditation posture n things like this… is it needed? What is this dying through meditation … ppl r meant to live.. then y give birth to a child …intense meditation posture it seems… this couple should not have created that girl if they had plans to leave the world through meditation … first you ppl start living a normal no drama life., then you can meditate n reach high levels..


    8. Just read your answer , rather a blindfaith in Jaggi Vasudev , I don’t see even a single fact on raised questions by the article.
      Okay after seeing all videos on you tubes and all, it can be established that Jaggi Vasudev speaks logic in a certain way and touches a few dimensions of human life in specific manner hence prove the complexity of his mind and power of his thoughts but now consider the situation in this way : does that means we should assume that the same mind is incapable of executing such tasks (as mentioned in the article) when feel threaten !

      Well , if we study some excellent criminal minds and study how they did that all and went undetected, some even till date, then we will realise those exceptional mind have also touched human life dimensions in a certain way.

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      1. Jaggi is a poor beggar so will do anything for Fame and Money. He has moulded himself on OSHO and if you know Sprituality he is lying and cheating everyone. Yes he does nice Seminars and Youtube video etc but when you look at him as a human – he pot bellied, very bad tempered (i have met him in person), lives with his Lover in America. Make Slaves of ISHA workers who think they will become Enlightened. Enlightened People DO NOT SELL SPIRITUALITY!!! Infact when you reach that stage you can no longer mingle with the ordinary person. He runs a Business simple making out he is above others. I find now his teaching – PURE CRAP!!! Now i know the Truth. Go study real Masters FREE! Jaggi is so caught up in the World of Fame and Money with his dirty Ego he thinks he got away with Murder. But you know Jaggi Evil will catch up with you like it did OSHO. Hope you Jaggi are out of this Beautiful Universe soon the real EVIL FILTH in the World!!!

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    9. Grow up man and that time he was not so phenomenonal as you claim. His wisdom is just that he keeps repeating the same nonsensical gibberish day in and day out.

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    10. Because he sleeps with other Women. Also she knew he was a Fraud as they went to the same Spiritual School and she could Expose him and shut him down. Thats why he Murdered her! I have know Yogis for over 50 years that cannot walk out their bodies so no way his untrainned Wife could do that. If you think he is such a Yogi why doesnt he walk out of his body which is the Ultimate Saint. He is a business man and that alone! No real Guru would take a penny from you as he knows the materialistic World is all an illusion. If he came back 3 life times to build the crap and Not Master piece Dhyanalinga (made with Mercury in a Science way and had Enlightened NO ONE) why did he build it with his Wife and Lover? When you have enough Spiritual Knowledge you will know the FRAUD|!!! He is NOT a Guru but a Tyrant who pays No Taxes and gets away with Murder! He poisned his wife so he can live with his Lover In America. Have you ever met this idiot? Well i have and i can tell you straight away he is a FRAUD!!! Nothing Spiritual in him. He saw OSHO and wanted a piece of the action. If you think he has ANY Intelligence listen to Osho and you will see SAD MAN is unintelligent and all his Material is Stolen from Real Gurus! Your so gulliable you dont even know FACTS!!!!

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      1. This is such a stand-up material 😂😂😂😂. I pitty all of ya’ll ignorant cucks 😂🤦🏻‍♀️.


  2. This fraud, jakki vasudev, is full of bullshit and nonsense. He has vomited so much of nonsense over the years, but some idiots still believe in jakki and his magical powers. He even managed to get a national award from his political patrons.

    Only relief is; he is aging like rest of us and nature will eliminate this moron from Earth in not so far future.

    Some of his nonsenses:

    1) nonsense about his wife’s murder/suicide. Whimsical!
    2) nonsense talk about ghosts. Funny!
    3) nonsense talk about women’s left and right breasts producing different kinds of milk. Horrendous!
    4) nonsense about the power of ekmukhi rudraksha which is just a seed. Hilarious!
    5) nonsense about solid mercury. Genius!
    6) nonsense about Bruce Lee’s death. Out of the world!

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    1. He need to be put in JAIL!!!! He is a living Murderer who paid fraud Indian Police but GOD himself will catch up with this Tyrant as we have internet know Jaggy unlike 20 0dd years ago when you Murdered you Wife and got away with it. Not for long we know the TRUTH and its only a matter of time this USA Fraud will get caught by his own Evilness. You forgot no. 6 FAKE DHYANALINA – Which he had to come back 3 life times to make for Shiva with his wife and Lover. This is made in a Science method full of Mercury. So when fools go there they feel a movement with the Mercury, water and engergy and the idiots think they are getting some kind of Enlightenment Experience. This is the biggest BULL!!!! Shiva never called you to do Jack you are a lying cheating womanising murdering scum of the Earth and need to put in JAIL your real home you piece filth!!! Also he abuses the Hindu Religion telling you all kind of nonsense about Shiva. I hope Shiva comes and removes your from this Beautiful Earth.

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    2. There is fashion in India to have one or two guru who claims to be enlighten with love from God. There are some in jails waiting the opportunity to get bail and others knew very well going to same place one day or another. Few names like Asaram, Ram Rahim & many others who still struggling like any other ordinary Crimnal waiting. There is God which is very much visible in all format, I.e air , water, oxygen & so on.respect the real god is your mother & father who are real not fake.


  3. Shanmugam’s questions relating to Vijayakumari’s demise appears perfectly legitimate. How come nobody has come forward with some valid explanations? Mysterious!!!!! Truth will be out if not during Satguru’s lifetime perhaps after his death!

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    1. This would never fly in America. He would have had to have an explanation. And the fact that he cremated her so fast, would have brought on suspicion. He would have most likely been charged with her murder.

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  4. I just wanted to speak about this as a normal person who doesn’t know anything about anything. As a human, and also as a person who doesn’t know anything, I will try to acquire knowledge which I think is best for me even if it is from a Murderer. I don’t follow him much. But I just wanted to say, If you like his teachings you listen. if not don’t listen. What makes a Murderer good or bad and right or wrong and what makes a Yogi good or bad and right or wrong? It is all upto us. If we like what a person is saying, we listen to him irrespective of his profession or his personality. If he is good to me I will be good to him. If I like I will listen, If I don’t like, I close my ears. As simple as that. Let’s say he really killed her. So what? That is his wife his family and their wish. Even if he killed her, if he says something useful to me, I will still listen. If not I won’t. I don’t trust him but I respect him because he knows more than what I know even if it is 1%. And just to say, you writing this doesn’t make any difference even if you prove that he killed her. People will still do what they like. So it’s upto you. All the very best.

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    1. I wonder what makes you think that he knows more than you. He delivers so many speeches; some are utter nonsense (e.g. his theories about women’s left and right breast producing different kind of milk, H20 retaining memories).

      You need to trust your own brain, your ability analyse the facts, think logically and separate grain from chaff rather than blindly trusting a person who claims to know it all.

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      1. Watch water has memory. A video on youtube.
        By Dr. Masaru Emoto.
        Why everything has to come from the mouth of a foreign scientist to make people like u beleve the truth?


      2. Such idiots this Jakki and his followers are….!

        These fellas are born to donkeys. They lack even basic commonsense.

        I can’t understand how can some human brains lose the ability think logically.

        If sex between these superstitious idiots and regular people is banned, humans will diverge into two distinct species in a few thousand years!!! 🙂

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    2. It’s illegal to murder anyone. Suppose there is a scientist, having done more than 5 PhDs and is expert in the field of nuclear weapons. Now he creates an Atomic Bomb and wipes out an entire city. Now, you’ll listen to his talks just because he knows more than you?
      I know the example which I took is a somewhat out of context but still it raises a logical point against your comment.

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      1. Very strong arguments indeed. But why to use a hammer to kill a mosquito?!! 🙂
        Problem is, Jaggi has been staying out of jail due to his foolish, fanatical support base which will do anything in the name of religion.

        You cannot reason with these jokers. It’s a mystery how such beliefs take root in their brains.

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      2. I first started following Sadhguru over 15 years ago. I then researched him as your Mind does naturally when you obtain Knowledge. Its like the Mind turns on itself to investigate. He’s claims about building a Dhyanalinga are totally False. He also built this with is Wife and Lover. It is SO OBVIOUS he Murdered HIS wife and because he has Money he can pay the idiot in India who will kill their own Mother for money. If he had done in USA he would have Never got away with it. How he has learnt brainwash techniques etc. This man is after Money the Knowledge he has he does NOT even live by it himself. He leads people into more misery and he knows the Truth as he learnt free from the Real Saints of India (whom you cannot find anymore). Thats why Knowledge is hidden because people like this Tryant abuse it for their own self worth. He is a Con man and i can tell you with ALL TRUTH as i know the Truth. And Truth is Free and lives inside you NOT Outside. Anyone like Sadhguru who are SELLING you this Knowlegdge are a FAKE as it is something that you cannot buy!!!! The Real EVIL in the World are people like Sadhguru who is Stuck in the Knowledge, Mind, Body. But the Beauty of the World Jaggy is that it WILL catch up with You and hopefully Destroy You as you have become the real Filth in the World. & YES SAD GURU DID KILL HIS WIFE.

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      3. The people have become Sheep they need a Sheperd and Governments run a Slavery. So they turn to these con men as they cannot find any solitude. LOOK WITHIN PEOPLE ALL IS INSIDE YOU. And YES MURDER is illegal unless you are Wealthy to Pay corrupt Police.


    3. Thats right because they are Sheep. Yes you can take teachings from anywhere they are Free. But when you find out you have been conned and someone is making money from giving Wrong teachings and keeping people in bondage and also is a Murderer do you really want to go on listening to that person? These are Fake Gurus putting down our Real Indian Saints. They keep people confused and trapped. This person is the Real EVIL in the World. Yes i have listened to his teaching but they are ALL STOLEN and Full of Untruths. This man will NOT Enlighten you he will turn you MAD. Now you say we should keep our mouths shut but when you know the Truth you will know this Murdering Pedophile needs to be Removed so he cannot damage others regardless of if they are unknowledgable or know nothing. It is better to know nothing than what this Fool is feeding you.

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    4. What kind of weird thinking is that? What useful words can a man of such bad character say? Even if he says something useful, it’s a copy of someone else’s words. Then why don’t you just listen to someone else. You covet a few useful words from him today. Tomorrow you will pay a higher price. If you don’t believe me, you can try.I think dog barking is more useful than what he says.

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      1. first of all, good news; jakki is getting old, he will die in the next decade or so. like all the babas.

        jakki has very limited intellect.

        he can not even understand the basic science that a woman’s left & right breasts produce the same milk. He is that stupid.

        jakki is just a well trained monkey, his only skill is speaking in English without much MTI, he has an MA in English.

        jakki is owned by some Coimbatore based businessmen, he only utters the words that they want him to.

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      2. He is a fool but firstly his a MURDER.  Inidan Police are Corrupt andyou ALL should be punished for this. He needs to be punished and the American Police should intervene andput him in jail.  I know what you are Jaggy and i WILL challenge you anyday you low life Scum Evil of the World.   Why dont YOU JAGGY do the World a favour and Walk out your Body!!!! You are no where near a Saints level you are the real Filth of the World andguess what Jaggy the World doesnt need your EVIL!!!! Real Living Evil right here right now.  

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    5. If you don’t know enough about the topics he talks on, you may like it. And so you will do what he says. That’s the problem. People do not know anything and do believing all he says. Personally I think he is fake. I think so cause I know taking samadhi is very very hard to achieve. His wife could not have done that. Even he can not do that.

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  5. انا لا اعرف سادغورو جيدا …لكن عندما تكون غامضا و لديك اتباع كثر و تدعي السلام المطلق مع نفسك و مع الاخرين فتنكر كل لذاتك الجسدية سابدا بالخوف منك انها لعبة للسيطة و التحكم بالحشد …الهدف واحد و هو السلطة و القوة و الاساليب تتنوع …في الاخير نحن بشر و و طبعا لن اسمح لنفسي ان اثق بشخص كهذا بغض النظر ان كان قتلها او لا


  6. Watch the show named Aasharam by Prakash Jha. It is such a great representation of people like Sadhguru. This guy is full of himself. He is rude and just notice that whenever a question is asked, he will look at the audiences to gauge what he is in for. If the audiences are those idiots who believe him blindly and clap on his nonsense jokes, he will feed them some more bs. I get so mad when he folds his hand like he is so great. He is corrupt and never got enlightened. He has read few books and learnt about all the loopholes about enlightenment. He has read Buddha’s teaching which tells that Buddha never told anyone how he was enlightened. I can’t believe the foreigners also come to his so called Aasharam for Yoga. There are enough youtube videos online to learn Yoga, People stop wasting your money on this corrupt a******. You guys are taking a loan to go there, but he is living happily at your expense.
    Wake up people:
    1. He killed his wife. He didn’t pay the police, his goons did it.
    2. People who said that they watched his wife leaving the body are his own goons.
    3. Breast milk from two breasts is different? Do you guys still believe this bs?
    4. His story where tears ran down his face and he was gone for 7 hours and finally got enlightened. This story is fake because he said, there was no one there, or only the family members were there, who he already killed.
    5. All his answers start with ” the thing is”. He does that to think and come up with bs.
    6. Police from where ever this conman is from needs to wake up and investigate this ass****.
    7. Modi is as corrupt as this conman that is why they are in bed together on this con.
    8. Why Indian people believe in this non proven stories that these gurus keep telling them.

    Enough for me before my blood pressure goes up…I wish I was in India and I can debate with this idiot.

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    1. Hello Gary i feel the same as you. This is why the Beautiful World is so full of Evil. All these people want is Money, Fame and Sex! This is NOT Enlightenment. But i have gone from Angry and writing bad comments about these people as i know now how the World works and what goes around comes around. Osho was the most knowledgable and yet he got Murdered. So just believe that oneday these tyrants WILL be Exposed. Mooji is getting Exposed right now as Covit has stoppped his business in its tracks and No more Silent Retreat for 700 ignorant Sheep!!!! They are like all con men and if people want to be conned then let it be as that is the only way some people learn.

      The Real problem Gary is that after you find the Truth of your being you realise YOU are the Creator so YOU/ ME must of created this bull in the first place!!!

      At least WE can see it, dont worry about the lost Sheep they need Sheperds one day when they are broke and on the ground the Will WAKE UP. God looks after ALL in his own way. Stay Blessed and watch the blood pressure. Love & Light be Yours.


      1. @Madhav Das – Oh shut up with you Hindu/Chrisian bullcrap already! I’m sick of you duffers killing for religion while in reality you could never even live the life your own god wanted you to live.


      2. @madhav Das – If you wanna find out who your god is, learn the meaning of “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti”

        Don’t just read about it, use your brain to comprehend what the meaning could be in day to day life.
        Don’t stop with the first answer you get, speculate different meanings.
        You’ll know it when the transcendental knowledge is gained.

        So ham Shivaay!


    2. ohh i just started listening him due to depression as he is all over the youtubb.. i even wrote an mail on ishhaa site with my number to seek help in counselling my mind. i ordered books also… even i m jobless, if all this is realy true then nothing can be worse than that..


  7. I started to follow Sadhguru about 1 month ago after a post of Will Smith on his IG. It caught my attention and I started to follow his meditation technics. Last night I found that video about how his wife died. What I personally think is she was blindly conducted due to her belief to take her own life, the same way as some gurus had influenced other people to take their lives because they let them believe that they will have some better life after they leave their body. It also happens in Muslim beliefs. Perhaps Viji was devastated by the presence of another woman and thought the best way to feel free was to “leave her body”

    Did she drink poison or something? we do not know. I don’t understand how a fiscally healthy woman, mother of a little girl could “leave her body” just because she was feeling plenty and more happy than ever, sounds pretty weird to me. Then, why don´t all yogis do the same? Jaggi is 62 years old already.

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    1. Jaggi is not telling the truth. He can’t answer why he quickly cremated Viji before anyone else could see her body to determine her cause of death. Meanwhile the fake guru continues to manipulate his blind followers. Karma will catch up…Om Shanti 🙏

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    2. SAD GURU DID MURDER HIS WIFE AND GOT AWAY WITH IT IN INDIA. You can pay Police and Family, very common in India to get rid of Women, this goes on ALL the time as the Country is Run by Corrupt Governments and obviously MEN. BOYCOTT THIS FRAUD MURDERING CON MAN!!!!

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      1. He did say in his video that his wife wanted rose water. She drank it and then left the world . Is it rose water that guru gave his wife????!!!!

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      2. PEOPLE BOYCOTT THIS SAD MAN and Claim Justice for Vijjy. I have been banned but write comments on ALL his YouTube and tell the ISHA Staff to Stop Slaving for this Murdering Criminal.

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    3. This bullshit does not happen in Muslim belief and if anyone does this in the name of Islam it does not mean that it is Islam.


      1. Problem is, juggi’s blind bhakt have cowdung in their skulls. They really believe that jakki’s wife died a divine death.

        They don’t have the commonsense to realise that there’s something suspicious about her death and rushed up cremation.


      2. And he continues to pay corrupt Police and Governments to cover his crap up!!!! He need to go jail and take all his wealth and give to poor.

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      3. This Sad Man needs to go to Jail and you all fools following him i can tell you he is a LIAR and MURDERER. Ask him why he doesnt walk out of his body? No one can do that let alone his wife. Ask him about his Lover Bharti ask him about the Fake bullshit Dhyanalinga he apparently came back three times in this life to Build. YOU ARE A FULL BULLSHITTER SADMAN AND I ALONE CAN BRING YOUR EVIL BUTT DOWN. You need to Suffer for Murdering your Wife and become a Millionaire out of your Fraud that you have Stolen. You are the Real EVIL in the World and i will expose your Shit to anyone who is not zomfied with the Crap you have on youtube and your crap seminars!!!

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  8. Sadhguru DID Murder his Wife to be with his .Lover whom he lives with in USA. Both women helped him build a Fake Dhyanalinga (in a science Method) not the Fake he tells public. He paid Police and her Father to drop charges. How disgusting this low level con man has become. Pure lies he feeds you on knowledge he stole from Sex Guru Osho and other Yogis. He runs a multi million business and makes fools of you all as you don’t know the Truth. I know the Truth and can tell you whilst his teaching are ancient he is keeping you from the Real Truths whilst he lines his pockets. This is the Real Evil in the World. He is a MURDERER and Justice should come and Destroy him and put him in jail where he deserves to be! You low level Human Jaggi WE will crush you like Weinstein you murdering con man. Your very Own establishment ISHA will Destroy you when Your Full low level Truths are revealed you dirty RAT!

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  9. This is a massive cover up you need to bring this Murderer down!!! He also sells fake knowledge mounded himself on OSHO. He needs to be put in jail right now!!! Justice for Viggi

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  10. I read the above article and comments after that, it seems that there was a foul play in the death of Viji. After the death of Viji, where is Bharti, did Jaggi got married with her or they still staying at the same place? If it’s so then it is proved.

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    1. Everyone should BOYCOTT this Murderer he is NOT a Yogi! He is like a Devil if you know the Truth. Leading everyone astray so he can carry on making Millions and be Famous. This is absolutely disgusting he has moulded himself on OSHO (but is nowhere near Osho’s intelligent Mind and no way has his looks). But hopefully someone in your Slavery ISHA Camp will Poison Sad Guru and that will be the end of him. What goes around comes around and you may have PAID police and Vijji’s Father, but we on the Internet are Not Stupid like you Jaggy you are a MURDERER and your time is coming!!!!

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  11. Why is Sad Guru being allowed to carry on as a Fake Spiritual teacher selling stolen teachings? This man 100% POISONED his Wife to live with Lover in USA. Corrupt Police of India u got Paid so you don’t care & her father. This money making Fake scammer is Living Life!!! You low life Evil I hope your Self comes and Destroys you. The day is coming Jaggy – Ying & Yang – U WILL NEVER GET AWAY WITH IT MURDERING SCUM EVIL of the World. BOYCOTT this Murderer!!!

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  12. My life is totally change for sadh guru,now a days I am alive for him ,he positively change milon of people but why you and some negative people like you resistance to his good work,please do not do this ,you can change your negative mind too positive mind by sadhguru yoga and live with smile and happy life.you should stop spread of this negative news.


    1. Mukta look more deeply i use to follow Sadhguru also for 10 years. He is very knowledgable but he selling you Stolen Free Teachings and he is NOT telling you the Truth. He also is making vast sums of money for FREE teachings and making himself Famous etc. This is NOT how a Real Spiritual Person acts or behaves. He cons you and leaves you stuck in your mind. You mistake is you think he is doing something Positive? Quite the Opposite his is keeping you in a Prison in your Mind. You do not know the Truth so you think his teaching are correct. I KNOW THE TRUTH and i can tell you Honestly this Man Murdererd his Wife, is a Tyrant and a FRAUD. When YOU WAKE UP you will know the Truth also. In World these EVILS cannot exsist and he need to be brought down. Laugh Jaggi your time is coming i WILL DREAM IT INTO ACTION!!!

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    2. They usually tell of joining the organization or leader when they were at a transition point in their lives. Dissatisfied with their ordinary pursuits and relationships and hungry for a meaningful life that would satisfy their spiritual longings, they encountered an attractive, smiling young man or woman who enthusiastically described the happiness to be found in his or her dedicated, loving group and its wonderful, enlightened leader. They were invited to visit the group and did so. At that first meeting, they were impressed, if not overwhelmed, by the warm attention they received. In addition, they may have been emotionally stirred by singing; meditation, or other activities and may even have entered an altered state of consciousness under the influence of the group’s leader. Such impressive experiences were interpreted as proof of both the leader’s advanced spiritual state and the newcomer’s readiness to receive initiation. After one or two more meetings, they decided to join.

      Having joined, the new convert’s life was immediately filled with work meetings, and exercises that left little time or energy for the life he or she left behind. Even if the convert was married and had a family, the partner and the children were regarded as less important than the avowed mission of the group to benefit all of humanity to save the world. The conflict between group demands amid outside commitments grew steadily sharper until the convert relinquished all relationships with those outside the group or the family broke up as the spouse reached the limit of tolerance. The ally was now totally dependent on the group and the leader for emotional and financial support.

      The group that initially was warm and loving revealed its cold, punitive side whenever a convert questioned the group’s beliefs or criticized the behavior of the leader. Such dissent was labeled “selfish” or “evil,” and group approval was withdrawn and the dissenter isolated. Members were taught, therefore, that what the group had given, the group could take away. Out of fear of such punishment by the group and of humiliation and censure by the leader, converts found themselves engaging in the intimidation and coercion of fellow converts, the deception and seduction of new recruits, and other behaviors that violated ethical standards held before joining the cult. Such actions were rationalized by reference to the overriding importance of the group’s purpose and to the leader’s superior wisdom.

      Eventually, the strain of conforming to the demands of the group became too much, especially it children were involved. The convert protester refused to comply with the latest demands and was dealt with severely. Finally, in desperation, he (or she) left the cult. Immediately, the leader branded him as damned, possessed by Satan, and having lost his soul. At the very least, he had failed the best arid lost his chance at enlightenment. Just as painful, people with whom he had shared his most intimate secrets and felt the greatest acceptance and love now turned their backs and refused to communicate. Feeling totally alone, the ex-cult member experienced a turmoil of feelings: rage at the betrayal, fear of retaliation, horror at the possibility of perpetual damnation, grief at the loss of group support and affection, and. shame at having been duped. At this point, he may turn to a therapist for help.

      The anxiety and depression such patients feel usually is secondary to a bigger problem: a loss of trust in others and, especially loss of trust in their own judgment and spiritual perceptions. Additionally, they may feel guilt over unethical actions they engaged in to please the group and despair at the loss of time, money, and relationships. To recover from the trauma of their cult experience, these patients need to understand what happened and why, and so does the psychotherapist who treats them.


      People who join such leaders and organizations do so for two principal reasons: (1) They want to lead a meaningful, spiritual life and (2) they want to feel protected, cared for, and guided by someone who knows what to do in. a confusing world. The first motive is conscious and laudable; the second is unconscious or not recognized for what it is. Therein lies the problem: The wish to have a perfect parent and a loving; supportive group lies concealed in the psyche of even the most outwardly independent person. When the opportunity arises to gratify that wish, it powerfully influences judgment and perception and paves the way for exploitation by a cult.

      There is good reason for cults to be associated primarily with religious-spiritual organizations. Religions are based on the belief in a transcendent; supreme power usually characterized along parental lines: God is all-powerful and all-knowing, meting out rewards and punishments according to how well a person has carried out the commandments He has issued. The doctrines vary, but even in nonmonotheistic Eastern traditions; Heaven and Hell in some form are designated as the consequences of good and bad behavior.

      Although mystics are unanimous in defining God as incomprehensible and not of this world, human dependency needs require something more approachable and personal: Even in Buddhism, therefore, whose founder declared that concepts of gods and heaven were an illusion, many followers bow to a Buddha idol to invoke Buddha’s protection and blessing. But even more satisfying to the wish for a Superparent is an actual human with divine, enlightened, or messianic status. The powerful wish to be guided and protected by a superior being can propel a seeker into the arms of a leader who is given that status by his or her followers. Such a surrender to the fantasy of the perfect parent may be accompanied by a feeling of great joy at “coming home.”

      This analysis does not imply that the intimations of a larger reality and a larger purpose, sensed by human beings for thousands of are only a fantasy: The problem is that the spiritual dimension and dependency wishes can get badly confused. The patient needs to disentangle the perception of a spiritual dimension from needs less-than-divine longings that have infiltrated, taken over, and distorted what is valid. It is important that the psychiatrist treating an ex-cult member keep this distinction in mind.

      One way to clarify the confusion is to help the patient see clearly the problems that she had hoped “enlightenment”, and membership in the group would solve: These problems may include loneliness, low self-esteem, the wish for the admiration of others, fear of intimacy, fear of death, and the wish for invulnerability. Indeed, membership in the group may assuage loneliness and provide the support and closeness that the patient had not experienced previously Memories of such good experiences may occasion acute feelings of loss in the ex-cult member and give rise to doubts concerning whether or not leaving was the best thing to do.

      To look objectively and critically at the cult, experience, the ex-member needs to gain freedom from the “superior leader trap.” As indicated earlier, this trap is sprung if there is criticism or questioning of the leader’s actions and directives. Basically, it takes the following form: The Leader operates on a higher plane than you or I. Because of that, we are not able to judge the rightness or wrongness of his or her actions. Ordinary, conventional standards do not apply here.

      Although this conclusion may sound reasonable, the leader in fact can be judged by criteria established in the mystical literature. There is a striking consensus in these writings concerning the nature of the spiritual path and the duties of a genuine teacher. The consensus permits one to make judgments of whether the teacher’s actions advance spiritual development or hinder it.

      It is important to realize that the basic activity of the spiritual traditions is to assist spiritual students to “forget the self.” The self referred to is what is usually termed the, ego but is better understood as being the psychological processes dedicated to biological survival. That primitive aim is expressed in greed, fear, lust, hatred, and jealousy: the traditional vices. These vices are functional for the intention of survival. The, mode of consciousness one expertness is functional also, and it is adapted to one’s intentions. For example, building a bookcase calls forth a particular form of consciousness — the instrumental — featuring an emphasis on the object characteristics of the world, a reliance on abstract concepts, and a focus on past and future and on differences and boundaries. This mode of consciousness is needed to fulfill the intention of making a useful object. When one wants to receive something from one’s surroundings; however, as in relaxing in a tub of steaming hot water or having a massage, one needs a different mode of consciousness — the receptive — featuring an emphasis on sensual experience, a blurring of boundaries, a focus on now; and a sense of connectedness with the environment.

      Ordinary survival aims, therefore, call forth instrumental consciousness: But if it is desired to experience the world in its wholeness, unity, and interconnection — the essence of spiritual consciousness — a different intention must be operative, along with a lessening of control by the survival self . 2

      Keeping in mind this functional relationship of motivation and self to consciousness, one can see that the spiritual traditions use a variety of means to transform the seeker’s initial motivations, which are heavily weighted toward greed, dependency, and power; into motivations of service and contemplation. Meditation, teaching stories, service, and the example set by the teacher can be understood as tools for accomplishing a deep shift in basic intention, permitting access to spiritual consciousness.

      This framework provides a means for making a preliminary judgment about people who declare themselves to be spiritual teachers. All one needs to do is observe their behavior and notice the intentions and type of self that is being reinforced. If there is considerable emphasis on what the convert will gain from following the teacher, such as “bliss,” psychic abilities, or the joy of enlightenment, these promises will arouse greed and acquisitive strategies. After all, the desire for bliss is not fundamentally different from the desire for money. If the teacher warns that rejecting the teaching will result in damnation, loss of one’s soul, and loss of all hopes of spiritual advancement, fear is aroused and the survival self is activated. Likewise, if the leader makes use of flattery by bestowing attention or praise, this can arouse vanity in the convert and competition in the group members. In all these instances, the teacher is intensifying the operation of the survival self and the form of consciousness it generates. These activities are antispiritual, and leaders that employ, them are not genuine spiritual teachers; they are not entitled to any special deference or trust. 3

      Of course, exploitation of followers for sexual pleasure or financial gain cannot be justified in any manner and testifies to the unenlightened, self-centered state of the teacher. Such exploitation is not to be found in the lives of the great mystics. They operated by even more rigorous standards than those that are imposed by conventional society. This is not to say that mystics are examples of perfect human beings. Perfection is not part of earthly existence for anyone or anything. But financial or sexual exploitation represents a drastic failure of responsibility that disqualifies a teacher from any special consideration. Psychotherapists are well aware of how harmful such violations of trust can be.

      The behavior of most cult leaders departs widely from the path paid down in the mystical literature and can be seen to be harmful to spiritual development. By employing this functional framework, cult members can judge for themselves the presumed sanctity the leader and, the appropriateness of the leader’s behavior.


      Just as it is important to have a means of judging a spiritual teacher, it also is important for the ex-cult member and the therapist to be able to answer the more general question: “Is this group a cult?” Patients need to be able to answer that question to avoid making the same mistake again, and therapists are likely to be asked that question by a worried parent or spouse. Usually, the group in question has obvious cult trappings, but society abounds with groups and organizations that appear normal but have the potential for cultlike behavior: large corporations, political groups, professional organizations, government bodies, and established religions. These sectors of normal society seldom are thought to share characteristics with The People’s Temple or the less dramatic groups such as the Moonies and the Krishna devotees collecting money in airports, however, careful study of cults reveals four basic cult behaviors that occur to varying degrees in almost all groups, including those that do not have a strange appearance or engage in bizarre behavior. 4 Identifying these basic behaviors permits one to replace the question, “Is this group a cult?” with the more practical one, “To what extent is cult behavior present?” The latter question is more useful because in the field of the transpersonal, as elsewhere, there is a continuum of groups ranging from the most benign and least cultlike to the most malignant and destructive.


      Compliance With the Group

      Everybody is concerned with how he or she is viewed by the people whose opinions matter to, us:, our “reference group.” No matter how, outwardly independent and nonconformist we may be, there is, usually a, group of people who share our, values and whose approval we want. Membership, in this group is signaled by conformity in dress, behavior, and speech. People outside of cults may suppress deviant thoughts also, although less obviously, if they believe that their expression could result in loss of status with the people important to them.

      The power of groups has been noted by psychologists beginning with Gustav Le Bon and Sigmund Freud, and analyzed in detail by Wilfred Bion, who proposed that members of groups tend to adopt one of three primitive emotional states: dependency, pairing, or fight-flight. His description of the dependency state is an apt description of cults, but he saw, the process taking place in varying degrees in all groups:

      The essential aim … is to attain security is to attain security through and have its members protected by one individual. It assumes that this is why the group has met. The members act as if they know nothing, as if they are inadequate and immature creatures. Their behavior implies that the leader, by contrast, is omnipotent and omniscient. 5

      It is plausible that natural selection favored individuals who were good at discerning what the group wanted because preservation of their membership in the group gave them the best chance of survival. As a consequence, it is likely that human beings have evolved to be exquisitely sensitive to what the group wants. “Political correctness” probably has a long history.”

      Dependence on a Leader

      Leaders draw a power from their followers’ wish for an ideal parent, a wish that is latent in all adults no matter what kind of parent they had. Although cult leaders may be charismatic, they need not be as long as they are believed by the group members to possess superior powers and secrets. Cult leaders are authoritarian, encouraging dependence and discouraging autonomy. Obedience and loyalty are rewarded, and critical thinking is punished. Furthermore, to enhance dependency on the leader, pair bonding is discouraged. The leader must come first; family and lovers come last. The disruption of intimate relationships is accomplished by a variety of means: enforced chastity, separation of parents from children, arranged marriages, long separations, promiscuity, or sexual relations with the leader. All these aspects are counter to healthy leadership, which fosters growth, independence, and mature relationships and has as its aim that the followers will eventually achieve an eye-level relationship with the leader.


      Dissent threatens the group fantasy that the members are being protected and rewarded by a perfect, enlightened leader who can do no wrong. The security provided by that fantasy is the basic attraction that keeps members in the cult despite highly questionable actions by the leader. Questioning the fantasy threatens that security, and for this reason, active dissent is seldom encouraged. To the contrary, dissenters are often declared to be in the grip of Satan. Sometimes they are scapegoated, and hidden, unconscious anger toward the leader is released against the dissenter. Almost all groups derive security from their shared beliefs and readily regard dissenters as irritations, to be gotten rid of. Nevertheless, the mark of a healthy group is a tolerance for dissent and a recognition of its vital role in keeping the group sane. Paranoia develops and grandiosity flourishes when dissent is eliminated and a group isolates itself from outside influence. As recent cult disasters have shown us, grandiose and paranoid cult leaders often self-destruct, taking their group with them.

      Devaluing the Outsider

      What good is being in a group if membership does not convey some special advantage? In spiritual groups, the members are likely to believe that they have the inside track to enlightenment, to being “saved,” or to finding God because of the special sanctity and, spiritual power of the leader. It follows that they must be superior to people outside the group: It is they, the converts, who have the leader’s blessing and approval. Devaluation can be detected in the pity or “compassion” they may feel for those outside. This devaluation becomes most marked in the case of someone who elects to leave the group and is thereby considered “lost,” if not damned. The more such devaluation takes place, and the more the group separates itself from the outside world, the greater the danger of cult pathology.

      Devaluing of the outsider is part and parcel of everyday life. Depending on which group we designate as the outsider, our scorn may be directed at “liberals,” “Republicans,” “blacks,” “Jews,” “yuppies,” or “welfare bums”: however the outsider is designated. Such disidentification can authorize unethical, mean, and destructive behavior against the outsider, behavior that otherwise would cause guilt for violating ethical norms. Devaluation of the outsider is tribal behavior and so universal as to suggest a “basic law of groups”: Be one of us and we will love you; leave us and we will kill you.

      Devaluing the outsider reassures the insider that he or she is good, special, and deserving, unlike the outsider. Such a belief is a distortion of reality; if one considers the different circumstances of each person’s development and life context, one is hard put to judge another person to be intrinsically inferior to oneself. Certainly, actions can be judged, but human beings are one species, at eye level with each other.


      The psychotherapist treating an ex-cult member may be tempted to devalue the patient for being duped and exploited and for believing weird doctrines. Especially in the role of expert in human psychology, we therapists wish to be reassured that nothing like that would happen to us because we are too discerning, mature, and sophisticated. As a matter of fact, we are not immune by virtue of our profession; psychotherapists with the best credentials have participated directly in cults. There have even been psychotherapeutic cults led by fully trained and accredited psychoanalysts, 6 and noted psychoanalysts have commented on the cult aspects of psychoanalytic training institutes. 7, 8

      Furthermore, cult behavior is evident within the psychiatric profession as a whole. Perusal of the psychiatric literature indicates a remarkable absence of dissent from the current enthusiasm for biological psychiatry, an enthusiasm not different from the overcommitment to environmental influences that characterized the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Indeed, research that challenges the biological perspective is ignored. 4 The biological-medical consensus is reinforced by economic factors; those working in academic environments experience pressure to shape their research focus and strategy so that they will be funded. Being awarded a research grant usually depends on the approval of the “leading experts” in the field, the very persons who have established, and are committed to, the prevailing theoretical perspective. Furthermore, the same authorities are asked to judge articles submitted for publication to psychiatric journals. Avoidance of dissent and devaluation of the outsider can take the place unnoticed, therefore, through rejection of submitted papers and denial of research funds. To this may be added informal devaluation through unsupported derogatory comments made: at professional gatherings.


      It is important that both the therapist and the ex-cult member be able to see that cult behaviors are endemic in our society. Such awareness can protect the therapist from the influence of such behaviors and allow ex-cult members to realize that they are not freaks, weak and dependent persons, or fools. Rather, they were s led astray by unconscious wishes that they share with all human beings. These wishes were stimulated at a time when they were N especially vulnerable and under circumstances that any person might have found difficult to combat.


      Cult behavior reflects the wish for a loving, accepting sibling group that is protected and cherished by a powerful, omnipotent parent. The problem with such a wish and its accompanying fantasy is that no human being can fill the role of the superparent, and adults can never again be children. To preserve the fantasy, reality must be distorted, because of .this distortion, cult behavior results in a loss of realism. In the more extreme cases, the consequences can be drastic. Diminished realism is a problem in any situation, however, and for this reason, cult behavior is costly no matter where it takes place: affecting business decisions, governmental deliberations, day-to-day relationships in the community, or the practice of psychotherapy. Fortunately, awareness of these cult behaviors offers protection from their influence. Psychotherapists can foster that awareness, benefiting patients, themselves, and society.

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      1. wow, wonderful article!

        we should actually sympathise with jakki cult followers, they are mentally sick, weak people, it’s just that they are unable to understand that fact.

        they ended up in this situation due to failures in their life and jakki is offering to solve their problems. an apt example is actor kangana ranawat who has made some money from movies, but the emotional price she had to pay was too much for her to handle. so she has turned to jakki.

        then there are others who are pretending to be jakki’s followers, but they are actually supporting jakki to get access to the vote bank of the jakki cult. modi is doing just this.

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      2. Yes, absolutely correct. We need to incorporate spirituality classes in middle school. What’s your opinion on that ? No religion, just spirituality.


  13. Antyesti literally means “last sacrifice”, and refers to the funeral rites for the dead in Hinduism, which usually involves cremation of the body.
    Sadhguru is not a Christian or Muslim. His wife’s body’s cremation should not be questioned which makes question 1 baseless


    1. Who would NOT let a father see his daughter before cremation??? Many women in India get Murdered and you know it and Men get away with it as they pay police and Courts this is for certain. Please remember Jaggi Murderered his wife over 20 years ago. Why or how could she have done Mahasamadhi? Do know anything about it? Why doesnt jaggy do it if he is so Spiritual? Because the things he talks in his money making ;ISHA you have never heard before. Did a bit deeper and you will find ALL these teaching for free. But because Jaggy has identifed that he can make Clowns out of the Sheep and do what he likes as he CAN AND DID get away with Murder. When you know this Clown for what he really is and You know Reality you will see this Fool has been taking you for a Ride. I agree whilst you are a scared sheep you need a Sheperd – but not One who can Abuse you. SAD MAN does Not tell you the FULL truth and because of that you are left in the Illusion going round and round this is the EViL of this Man.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. “MahaSamadhi” that jakki claimed is a big lie. She either committed suicide or jakki murdered her or she died of some natural cause.

      Jakki hasn’t said anywhere that she had stopped eating or something.

      Someone with 4th standard biology knowledge knows that a human can’t die just like that.

      MahaSamadhi my a$$!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Burial In Hinduism: Apart from the cremation method there are large sects in Hinduism which follow burial of the dead. The preparatory rituals are more or less similar to cremation viz, washing the body, applying vibuthi or chandam on the forehead of the deceased etc, but instead of cremating, the deceased is buried. The body is either placed in sleeping position or in some Shaivite and tribal traditions is in sitting position legs folded and arms resting on the thigh simulating meditative position. The burial pit is prepared in the community burial ground called Shamshana, usually situated outside the city or village. Some affluent will bury their dead in the own field. The burial pit for sleeping position is generally three feet width and six feet in length and for sitting position it is three feet by three feet. As a thumb rule in all the sects invariable the saints are buried in sitting position in a separate place where later on a Samadhi is built which becomes a place of worship.


    4. If a person has the power to leave the mortal body by her/his own will before one’s time is up, then, those people are not cremated, but, buried.




  14. Sorry for my spelling mistakes but when you talk about this FRAUD selling our ancient teachings and making out he is Enlightened!!! He is an abuser and needs to come down like Osho. Hopefully the Slaves in ISHA WAKE UP and realise their self worth. Why are you protecting this Tyrant and allowing him to carry on. He is a low level thief with absolutely NO MORALS left!!!! I know what your doing Jaggy you Fool i hope the SELF comes and eats you up. In my World your are Already DEAD – Just waiting for you to go now! @metomovement Get rid of these low life evil,lying filth of the World!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. i see much black and white here, but the truth can be grey also. what if she just suffered a heart attack and sadhguru made a story out if this to make it look better.
    and may be there is a practical reason to burn the corpse without delay.


    1. I know the Truth and i can tell you Honestly that SAD MAN is a Fake he is selling you Free knowledge and adding his own edge to it to keep you in bondage. He DID MURDER his Wife and got away with it So he Thinks!!! He is the Real Filth Evil in the World and need to come down as he is leading people astray with his False Knowledge. He is just another Weinstein greedy for money, women and Fame – this is NOT what Real GURU do in life. In fact you will Never meet a Real Guru unless you are on the Real Path. This Bastard has made a business from teachings he received FREE -he is making a fool out of all of you in ISHA. Wake up Stupid People and look for the Truth it is right there LIVING INSIDE of you. You dont need these idiots and cheaters like that SAD MAN GURU!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. actually, the problem is not sadhguru but his blind followers. although they do not even follow him as they are supposed to, because he repeatedly says: don’t believe anything of anybody – you have to KNOW! his followers just ignore this good advice for the sake of establishing their own vision of the world, their own ego-based fantasies of how spirituality should be…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadhguru turned many many so called westerners into Hinduism including me. He is one of the biggest propagators of India and hinduism globally. Is he Bad? That is really serious issue here! So it is you that know how spirituality should be and you can judge? People may be on the right path but still be possesed by their ego. The path may take them to the point where they dispose of ego for good. And dont forget Sadhguru is Global Guru. You can not always exactly apply the traditions of India in other parts of world. It is different season there, different culture background. Never believe dogma. Following the set of rules you percieve as only correct is bigotry.

      Please let me know! What Guru would you propose for European?


      1. Anyone who is NOT Selling teachings. Firstly read anything by Ramana Maharshi. To then further these teachings read anything from Sri Nisargadatta and then start learning non-dualism. The Reason i can tell you SAD MAN is a Fraud as i use to Follow him but once when i went to one of his Seminars people were waiting for personal answers and he just walked off. Thats when i knew he couldnt be anything real. He’s teaching were fantastic until later i found them ALL to be stolen. Anyone making money from Spirituality is a FRAUD. As when you know the TRUTH you will undertand this immensly. All Frauds are part of your Journey anyway so dont beat yourself up about it. What i hate is seeing ALL these people lose money to this Greedy Murderer. And you will understand how he DID KILL his Wife. All the saints i gave you above have FREE TEACHINGS all on internet. DO NOT PAY ANYONE. Let your Own Mind Guide you until you arrive at the Truth. How you will know as you know how to breathe you know Truth – it is your human nature to know who and what you are and YOU WILL find out once you drop all the False and Fake things in Life. Stay Blessed


      2. Why would you need to have a guru to put your blind faith in? The truth to salvation in within you. Be a seeker, not a follower.
        A frog in the well will never understand the vast oceans of knowledge.
        Have a safe journey 🙏


      3. It’s really sad if Hinduism which is thousands of years old needs to be led by an ignorant, arrogant, criminal like jakki.


  17. Sadhguru is the most known representant of Hinduism today. Globally. You might not like him but you have nothing close to him at all. Sadhguru is not cult. Cult is closed and he is most opened guru ive seen.
    This looks like propaganda site.


    1. He is a Cult as ISHA workers do not get paid and he is a Millionaire. How DARE YOU say he is the representative of Hinduism. This is absolutely disgusting that people like you with little Spiritual Knowledge claim he is a Guru. He is a SAD OLD Business Man who is greedy for Money, Fame and Beautiful Women. He loves India so much why does he live in America with his Lover after killing wife. In fact if he is SO spiritualwhy doesnt he Walk out of his Body. There is NO Way that his Wife could have done that!!! Who would not let a father see his daughter’s body? A man Man and a Fraud. He is very very established at what he does. But you see i know ALL His teachings as he Stole them and now SELLS them. He is India’s very down fal and a disgrace to Humanity!!! Until then you Sheep need a Sheperd to follow as YOU have lost ALL Understanding of the World and Spirituality. SAD MAN is a Hoax as he doesnt even know who he is teaching and he should be in Jail for Murder. Dont worry Vijji @metomovement will bring down this disgusting EVIL SAD DESPERATE MAN!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Do your research he pays Police and Corrupt Prime Minister to cover his mudering tracks and keeps his fake business alive. DO NOT SAY HE REPRESENTS HINDUISM IN INDIA!!!! Are you a Fool? How dare you compare this Evil Tryant to our Religions? Do not degrade india because it is full of Evil Men like the present Prime Minister. This man is is no way Spiritual whatsoever!!!!


  18. Shanmugam sir can you please tell me where you reside ?? I want to meet you at some point of time if God permits .do you have an email.id .please share that .

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lmao! I’m sure you’ve realized this lady is indeed a part of the very cult you are speaking against?

        But I loved your reply, lmao! You played it right!


    1. 1) I understand that he stole teachings and present them as his own….I take them as universal truth and knowledge, not necessarily his, because in the end I don’t care who came with those teachings first, as long as I take them all from one place. Call it laziness, but might be also lack of time.
      2) Did he murdered Viji? Maybe but if we don’t have proof…taught luck! Some would say: he made her commit suicide, because what she intended to do is still suicide, doesn’t matter the fancy mystic word used in yoga and that should be legalized and imposed on the guru’s responsability to don’t be allowed in any congregation.
      My personal opinion, this guy show himself to the entire world (WHO, UN, WEForum, all the famous universities around the world…etc) as a very knowledgeable guru, but he is just a wise old person who read a lot who also looks much older than his age…just my coin


  19. I agree with some valid points you mentioned. No mother leaves her child so young as an orphan with the right state of mind. If Jaggi already knows this, why didn’t he stop/influence her? A true saint lives to liberate others. She could have used her power/skill to help others.

    I used to watch his videos a lot and admire his oratory skills but when I read about his wife’s death, then immediately my cloud got disappeared. He may not have killed her but he is surely hiding something. Maybe she committed suicide because of some mental health issues and he is marketing it as Mahasamadhi.


    1. You are precisely to the point.

      Jaggi is hiding the real reason behind his wife’s death. This has damaged his credibility forever. Now even if he comes out with the truth, it will not be possible to regain the lost faith.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Lord Krishna says in the Gita that the senses are so strong and impetuous that even a fully enlightened person can degrade himself, and this appears to be the case with Sadhguru. He should face justice like anyone else.


    1. The problem is he PAID the Scum Police and Father and thats the end of that. In India DAILY Women are Murdered and these are just written off. But dont worry there is another Justice it is called GOD and he will deal with all these Pervert Men once and for all!!! Sad Man should sit in Jail for the rest of his life. He will get caught its just a matter of time God will Deal with him.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. You may laugh but this is a SERIOUS issue do know how many Women get Murdered in India and the culprit especially if Rich gets away with it!!! Dirty Men run the World thats why the World is the shit hole it has become because of Abusive, Controlling, Money grabbing MEN!!! @metomovement


  22. Thanks for posting this. Sadhguru does say some interesting things but nothing I haven’t heard from other “gurus”. He reminds me too much of American televangelists. Too much glitz, glamour and hocus pocus and this stuff with his wife is enough of a red flag to never accept someone like this anymore than an interesting teacher. He does remind me of OSHO somewhat, but at least OSHO was upfront about being a guru to the rich, was overly blatant about flaunting his wealth and made no bones about liking money and capitalism to where it is obvious provocation and performance art. Unfortunately some of his followers went overboard and ended up discrediting him, which usually happens with big organization in any religion. Geez, look at the Vatican and all their shenanigans. For my money Ramana Maharishi was the REAL DEAL and you can’t go wrong with him if you are seeking devotion to a guru. But what do I know? I certainly am far from being “enlightened” but I refuse to be a fool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very good reply. You see the only ones looking up to Sad Man are the lost ones. But let me tell you this for Free he will make a fool of you, steal your money, tell you all kinds of nonsense that are really taking you away from the Real Truth. Thats why in this day and age it’s hard to find real Teachings becasue like SAD MAN he is more in love with Money, Fame and Women and runs an Empire making money for these things. There is No Way he is Enlightened as when you get to that Stage Trust Me the last thing you need or want is Money etc. Who has he Enlightened? Has anyone come forward and said they became Enlightened by his teachings. You are awe struck as the stuff he talks you have Never heard and his practises his Acting. Look closely at this Tyrant he has followed many Great Leaders. The only one thing distinguished about him compared to other self made fake Gurus is that HE DID MURDER HIS WIFE! That is enough for me now not to follow Anything he say or does as he himself is Very Dishonest and again your CANNOT SELL TEACHINGS. They are Free. Yes you are 100% right Ramana Maharishi was one of the unknown Enlightened Human Being of our time. ALL his teaching are FREE & this is how a real SAINT behaves. God rest his Soul he was a living Jesus on Earth, yet not millions knew as those who were destined to find him found him. Amen


  23. Just a quick note on All SAD MANS Youtube Videos people do write comments about him but all Negative and Truth shit is taken off as he Pays Google to regulate his sites and make sure only good comments and sheep can only make comments. So BOYCOTT all his Video this man need to go to Jail for MURDER!!

    Liked by 2 people

  24. I highly doubt anyone is capable of leaving their body by choice, so knowing little about Sadghuru or his wife, I smell a rat. The most likely story is that he covered up her death. cmon people wake up.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Xavier is Sadguru (Jaggi) 😂
    Sadguru is Xavier (Jaggi) 😂

    if you look both image and compare it 😂


    1. What channel is this on? This man needs to be arrested and put in jail. But you know India’s corrupt Courts and Governments he will pay them off. DISGUSTING HUMANS ON EARTH

      Liked by 1 person

  26. I just recently stumbled across Sadhguru and watched a couple of videos. I was impressed with him. Then I decided to look into his history. Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for people with this kind of influence over others to become corrupted by desires. It’s sad, because I think they often have great insight and have truths and tools to offer their fellow humans.
    After some research, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he had succumbed to that which he “preaches” against. And for his followers to deny it- well, it is just because they can’t bear to “lose” the good things he brought into their lives. It is hard to separate a person from their actions. If he did kill his wife *(which, if one is objective, that certainly looks like a possibility) then it would destroy all the wonderful things he taught- or so it would seem. If you can accept that some people know the right path, but choose to not take it, them maybe you can accept that he did have some valuable things to add to the world, while not being the guru he and others think he is.


  27. I Believe in Justice,
    After seeing the reaction of all the people, I am watching their program Jaggi Live
    11 March Happy Mahashivratri


  28. That he is a conman is evident to all but the mentally blind. However, he is not the first. Rajneesh, Dhirendra Brahmachari, “Yogi” Adityanath and several other prominent people are cast in the same mould


  29. He was like a breath of fresh air at first but the more videos I saw of him the more I felt uncomfortable. His followers were going on as if he was some god. The question marks over his wife’s death has opened my eyes widely and my intuition switched on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The problem is he is Big now and is abusing people in ISHA. He needs to come down as he is paying everyone now to shut them up as he DID MURDER HIS WIFE FOR LOVER. People need to BOYCOTT him and trash him as he has a very EVIL SIDE. Now he is a problem as he can pay for Protection he has done now for 20 years whilst he enjoys Lavish lifestyle and deluding people. The knowledge he has you can gain for FREE he has moulded his whole BUSINESS SELF on Osho. Someone take him OUT of the World as he is the REAL EVIL in the World. Jaggy you low life MURDERING SCUM EVIL on the Earth!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  30. Sad guru, states the obvious in his preachings. Any one with half a state of mind would realize these on their own. Why be like sheep? God has given everyone intellect, use it. Now, coming to philanthropy, it is a good thing, usually done by rich people to appease governments.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. I too followed him for years and then started noticing contradictions in the teachings, so don’t see him as a Guru, just a knowledegable man.

    Few examples of contradictions by Sathguru, shows that even though he’s an intelligent man, he too has flaws.

    1) Teaching – Do Not look up or down upon someone or get bothered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxoQdEhHaT8

    * But, in this video, he sounds irriated, saying to a student that Isha volunteers are more educated than you.
    Video Name: Most Heated Debate Ever Between Law Student And Sadhguru | Joe Law Student Tries to Insult Sadhguru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udhtFXELtDg

    * Looking down upon critics by saying their brains are smaller than bird brains.
    Video Name: Corona Doesn’t Want to Kill You | Sadhguru Answers Critics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz_FOPYFJyQ

    2) Teaching – AURA: Do Not concern yourself with Aura.

    *In this video saying do not concern yourself with Aura of others or yourself. (Also calling people nut cases. Isn’t this looking down on someone?!)

    Video Name: What is Aura. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs8zCOeKFss

    * But then in a later video teaches how to clean an aura!!

    Video Name – 5 Ways to clean Aura: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oon-2iB8e8k (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oon-2iB8e8k)


    Manipulative words:

    1) During last day of course, in order to ensure continuous flow of customers and that people who complete the course do not start sharing his teach for free, this is what we were told – Do not teach others what you;ve learnt, else you will go crazy. He said a man/student didn’t listen to him and then so he went crazy”. Including myself a lot of other people have shared what they’ve learnt with others and everyone’s ok.


    1. Don’t worry. In 5-10 years, nature will take care of morons like feku and jakki.

      There’s something known as AGING! No amount of cowdung can stop aging.

      Liked by 1 person

  32. I just have one question to the writer. If what you say is true why is Vijji’s own daughter still in concerns with the murderer of her mother? Again you might say she was brainwashed or not told the truth but between family how long can you hide truth? If he was a false godman and had some unsaid relationship with other women/woman his daughter must had noticed?


      1. Yes she is and enjoying her father’s money!! She is a low life with no value Jaggy kept her stupid with No eduation pretending he wanted to bring her up naturally. She can expose him but she is too scared and enjoying a wealthy life style


  33. I find purpose of my life listening sadhguru , like many many more also found. I also want to thank god to give me birth to this beautiful nation


  34. dr kolawole olubukola, a male psychiatrist had been convicted of second degree felony forcible sexual abuse and third degree felony forcible sodomy molestation of three juvenile patients at the state facility where he worked and sexual assault of a highschool girl in a park.
    St Joseph’s Healthcare
    West 5th Campus
    Department of Psychiatry
    100 West 5th St
    Hamilton ON L9C 0E3


  35. COol. what you are saying is like dogs actually have 5 legs and humans did something to it, that now it has 4 legs.
    So adding this to conspiracy theory. Maybe you are the cause of the death and you are spinning the story to put fault on someone else, aha.

    next conspiracy,, the goat did it

    no , maybe a rat did it


    1. Stop being a complete idiot!!! Its Tyrants like this that run the World that is why we live in such a disgraceful world because abusive, murdering scum Pay for Police Protection!!! Corrupt Governments around the World keep you ALL in a Slavery. But if you are a Sad Man like this Fake Guru you can also pay your way out of committing Murders!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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